About Melinda

Known as the only Psychic Artist with 100% accuracy. I inherited my powers from my grandmother Vanghelia Pandeva Dimitrova, being known as the greatest psychic on the world with the most astrological powerful skills.

I decided to open this shop due to very high requests from people all around the world, after my countless appearances on TV and interviews, where everyone was convinced of the talent and accuracy of my predictions.

I consider my psychic gifts as a blessing from the great creator. And from an early age I knew my mission was to use these talents wisely and generously.

It is my opinion that many others in the field of metaphysics have similar depths of psychic powers as I possess, but I truly believe what separates me from them is my ability to delve into a client’s subconscious and become one with him or her.

It is this process which allows me to close the physical distance between client and psychic, as only then can I become most effective.

So when a client asks me to connect with a lost love, I can
visualize exactly who this person is because I “see” through my client’s eyes. I also feel my client’s pain or despair or joy, and as a result I act upon my client’s request as if it were my very own request.

In effect, the effort I put forth in each spell I cast is the identical effort I would expend as if it were a spell I was casting for myself!

And that’s who I am and what I do.

– Melinda