Melinda’s Guarantee

One-Year Unconditional Moneyback Guarantee

I've been a successfully spell caster for over ten years, casting spells on behalf of people from all walks of life. Today, I make this promise to you:

If your situation is not resolved to your satisfaction, I will refund your money up to one full year after I receive your request. Period. No exceptions.

If you are not completely satisfied with any item or service you buy from me, I will refund your money for up to one full year after purchase. Everything I sell is guaranteed. Period. There is no fine print. You can return anything, up to one full year, for any reason.

Contact Me

To contact me or to request a refund, please email me at [email protected].

Or you can write to me at:
Melinda Inessa Ivanov/CAA
P.O. Box 10150
Canoga Park, CA 91309

Please be sure to include your order number (if known), your name, and your address. I will refund your money in the same way you paid originally, EXCEPT for cash. (If you paid via credit card, we will issue a credit to your card. If you paid via cash or check, I will send you a check.)